Fun Things To Do Online While High

The holidays are the perfect excuse to spend some quality time indoors, especially during this crazy year, when outside activities are becoming less likely as the months progress. With all of this free time, at some point you’re bound to run out of Netflix content, or at least the Netflix content that you’re interested in watching. What’s the best way to treat this boredom? Weed. The answer is always weed.

If you’ve already worked out or watched a movie while under the influence of THC, there’s a source of reliable fun at your fingertips. The internet. Here are a few fun and trippy suggestions for your stoned viewing pleasure:

Electric Sheep

Sometimes you smoke weed and want to zone out and do nothing. Electric Sheep, a really trippy screensaver, can help you out, providing you with a fun backdrop that will make you giggle and mumble “wow” every couple of seconds. Electric Sheep is a riff on the sheep we dream about when we sleep, and is a layout made up of collaborations of thousands of people from all over the world.

NASA’s Earth Livestream

For some reason, space is always a hit with weed people. While you can always spend your time watching YouTube space videos, NASA’s livestream of Earth provides you with live coverage of the planet, with no voiceover. It’s almost unbearably trippy while sober.

My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart’s YouTube channel has been around for a while, with her My Drunk Kitchen videos dating back to 9 years ago. While My Drunk Kitchen doesn’t feature cooking while high, it’s still messy and funny, resulting in delicious and sometimes not so appetizing entries.

Corgi Orgy

Gorgi Orgy doesn’t lie. It’s just a website with a bunch of corgis.

Cache Monet

Cache Monet is one of those sites that you can’t explain but also one of the reasons why the internet is so great. Once you’re in, you’re presented with a weird set of randomized images set to randomized music. By clicking again, or waiting a bit, the combination is replaced. Described as an “internet enabled art installation,” cache monet might be the trippiest and most entertaining place for stoned people to visit.

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