How to Be a Productive Stoner

Lets face it —stoners have a pretty pervasive stereotype hanging over their heads when it comes to productivity (or lack thereof). A lot of people believe stoners are lazy, stoners dont accomplish anything, or even that stoners are killing their drive to succeed with weed. When there are so many different stoner stereotypes that all boil down to cannabis consumers being generally unproductive, it can be hard to believe that there are cannabis users out there that aren’t just demotivated and lazy stoners! But there are, in fact, a significant number of weed-lovers who have learned the secrets on how to be a productive stoner

You don’t have to worry about weed killing your drive if you know all the handy tricks and tips to stay motivated while indulging yourself with some marijuana! That’s why we are here to help you learn how to be a productive stoner. All you have to do is kick back and relax, light up some of your favorite weed strain, and get ready to learn how to smoke weed and stay motivated!


Is Weed Actually Demotivating?

Before we get into the details of how to be a productive stoner, we first have to address an important question: is weed actually demotivating? Cannabis has a bad rap as a drug that makes people lazy and turns them into generally unsuccessful stoners. But when you look at people like Michael Phelps and Snoop Dogg, two well-known and successful stoners, the unsuccessful stoner story doesnt quite add up.

Thats because cannabis doesnt suck away your drive to succeed (so long as you dont let it)! You can smoke weed and still achieve your goals —you just need to know how to be a productive stoner. By avoiding all the common traps which can drain a cannabis-lover’s drive, youll be able tofind the perfect balance in your life between weed and productivity!


Tips & Tricks for Being a Productive Stoner 

Now that you know being a productive stoner is entirely possible, it’s time to learn the best tips and tricks for how to smoke weed and be productive. Like with anything, balancing cannabis with the other aspects of your life is important and involves some trial and error. So long as you keep the goals in mind and use weed in moderation (whatever moderation means to you), chances are you have a shot at success! 

Have the Right Mindset 

The first and possibly most important part of learning how to be a productive stoner is having the right mindset about your individual cannabis consumption. This means being personally aware of your own limits when it comes to getting high and getting stuff done. Some stoners out there can wake and bake and smoke the rest of the day and still have the motivation for productivity, while other marijuana users smoke half a joint at noon and end up napping for six hours.

Theres no one out there whos can tell you which kind of stoner you are or should be, so its up to you to figure it out! Wherever you fall on the productive stoner scale, just be honest with yourself about how much you can actually smoke before productivity takes a hit. To be a motivated and successful stoner, its crucial to have the right mindset about your personal productivity levels while high. 

Know What You Can do High (and What You Can’t) 

Next on our list of tips and tricks for being a productive stoner is knowing what you can and cannot functionally do while high. Anyone can get baked and binge a TV show, but only a select few stoners are capable of getting complicated tasks done while high. If you’re an experienced cannabis user, chances are you know more or less exactly what you’re capable of after a good smoke session.

Logically, to be a successful stoner, just dont get high before things you know will be negatively impacted by weed. Public speeches, family reunions, and important tests probably arent the best time or place to get baked — why not save the weed for later when your tasks are done and youre free to get as high as you please! 

Stay Organized 

Organization is key if you want to learn how to be a productive stoner. There are a million and one ways you can organize your life — from schedules to post-it note reminders to phone alerts, use whatever works for you! If you can get your calendar together and know exactly what you’re doing and when you’re doing it, it’s hard to go wrong. After all, not even the most voracious stoner can miss a deadline they see on the calendar every day. Other than a comprehensive calendar, the best organizational tool for the productive stoner is the humble list. Make as many or as few lists as you want, but you should definitely take advantage of every stoner’s best bullet-pointed friend. 

Stick to a Schedule 

One of the trickiest parts of balancing weed with a productive lifestyle is when you get into the habit of smoking all the time. If you wake up and smoke, eat breakfast and smoke, and so on, it takes a toll on your productivity. Try devising a dream schedule for your day, and stick to it!

Whether you wake up early and go on a run or sleep in and get work done later, its important to have a set timeframe for your day. After all, being motivated and productive is easiest when you have a routine you follow. Just like getting back to school after a long summer of freedom, it can be hard to cut back on weed and get working again — but the rewards of productivity are worth the work! 

Reward Yourself with Weed 

Last but certainly not least on our list for how to be a productive stoner is the handy trick of using weed as a reward rather than a given. A lot of the time, cannabis starts to become part of the routine instead of a treat to indulge in.

Instead of taking getting high for granted, try making a list of chores to do before you smoke again. Not only will you blast through the list since you want to smoke, youll also enjoy that joint or bowl so much more after youve gotten some of your stuff together. The same can be done for just about any situation — study for an hour and then you can get high, for instance, or turn in all that tax paperwork and then you get to eat that edible. In the end, just do whatever motivates you to be a productive stoner. 


So, if you’re looking for some quality cannabis products to reward all your hard work, try visiting your local dispensary and checking out what they have in stock. Or hop online and see what the latest and greatest deals the cannabis market has to offer! And hey, some would argue that saving money on weed is a productive move itself. 



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