How to Get the Weed Smell Out of Your Car

Hotboxing your car is guaranteed to be a good time, but there’s a heavy price to be paid. Unless you get the smell out fast, your ride is going to stink like stale weed for days or weeks afterwards. We’ve even heard of sorry individuals who claim they didn’t act fast enough and the smell is with them forever. Never fear, we’ve scoured weed forums and websites and compiled the best advice on how to get the weed smell out of your car.


Tips on cleaning your car after smoking weed

  • Don’t forget to clean and spray your roof liner. The roof liner is often missed but most of your dirty weed smoke is wafting straight up and thoroughly impregnating the carpet or fabric in the roof.
  • Make sure you vacuum up all the little weed crumbs. A lot of the smell is likely coming from tiny bits of weed you’ve dropped down the side of seats and on the floor. Weed stinks a lot thanks to those magical terpenes and it doesn’t take much to make an enclosed area like your car smell like a grow room.
  • When you’re enjoying a session in your car, don’t run the AC. The next time you turn it on the filter is going to blast a load of weed smell directly into the face of whoever is sitting in the car and undo all your cleaning work.


How to get the weed smell out of your car – Top 10 techniques

1. Ozium

Spraying your car with Ozium is by far the most successful way to get the weed smell out of your car. The reason Ozium works so well is that it doesn’t just mask the smell like an air freshener, it actually destroys the odor altogether. For best results, spray the car thoroughly, roll all the windows up and put the air on full blast in recirculate mode. Ozium has a pretty harsh chemical smell when you first spray it but in 10 minutes the stink will be gone.


2. Febreze

Spraying with Febreze is a close second to Ozium in popularity. It seems to do almost as a good a job but is generally cheaper. Some people claim it just covers up the smell of the weed and doesn’t remove it but Febreze say they use ‘Odor clear technology’ that actually gets gets rid of the smell. The heavy duty one is best and several commenters suggested driving the car around for 10 minutes after spraying with the windows down makes it work better. Good luck with that if you live in Alaska.


3. Lysol

Lysol is a disinfectant spray and is also a popular choice. It’s pretty cheap and gives you the bonus that your car will also be bacteria free after you’ve sprayed. People seem to really love the fragrance of Lysol so maybe that’s another reason it’s so popular. Lysol will also actually remove the smell rather than just mask it.


4. Axe body spray

We were surprised by how many people suggested spraying your car with Axe deodorant. The main problem with this method is that it will only mask the smell of the weed and won’t actually remove the odor. It’s hard to understand why Axe works better than any other deodorant and it could be just that it’s wicked strong and a popular brand. If you need a quick and dirty solution after a heavy hotbox session then give this a go.


5. Orange Chronic

Orange Chronic is actually a bong cleaning solution but quite a few people claim it works well if you spray it on the surfaces of your car. The smell is pretty strong so we recommend airing the car out thoroughly after using it. Apart from the added scent, it’s actually just isopropyl alcohol and you can buy a massive bottle of that much cheaper. If you use this stuff, make sure that the surfaces you spray it on won’t be damaged by the alcohol.


6. Blunt Power

Blunt Power is a polarizing option. Most commenters agree that a couple of sprays will kill the smell of weed in your car but some people think the smell is so bad they’d rather deal with the scent of stale weed. That’s just personal opinion but we do know Blunt Power is seriously strong stuff and worth a try if you can handle the smell.


7. Air freshener tabs

No advice on how to get the weed smell out of your car can be complete without including good old air freshener tabs! They’re an obvious choice to make your car smell good, but keep in mind that like deodorant, they’ll only cover up the smell and won’t remove it. The most popular choice for smokers is ‘black ice’ and they actually smell pretty good! Quite strong though so be prepared.


8. Incense stick

Whether incense will work for you entirely depends on how much you like the smell. Personally we’re not fans and would rather smell weed in the car. The smell of the incense will rot in your car as long as the smell of weed so if you’re ok with replacing one smell for another then this could work for you.


9. Baking soda

A bowl of baking soda is a common method for controlling odors indoors. We’d never have thought to use it in the car after smoking weed but quite a few commenters claim it works well. Baking soda takes days to work so this might be a good technique to try in combination with an odor removing spray. If you can find a secure spot in the car it might even work well to just leave some baking soda in their permanently.


10. Smoke a cigarette to mask the smell

This is also a pretty obvious solution and like incense is just going to replace one rank smell with another. If you happen to smoke cigarettes and need to mask the smell of weed in an emergency then this will work, however the smell of stale cigarette smoke in a car is way worse than the smell of weed.



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