Which Jobs Have the Most Stoned Employees?

Making cannabis legal in states across the US has obviously made it much easier and less risky to acquire and consume, and as you might imagine, that means that you’ve probably seen lots more people high in public than you might imagine. Some of those people might have even been working at the time — while it’s definitely not safe to use cannabis while operating heavy machinery or being involved in life or death situations (I wouldn’t want my doctor or lawyer high on the job), it’s hard to blame those with some less-than-exciting jobs like fast food or lawn care for enjoying a little cannabis on the clock (even if employers probably would prefer they didn’t).


A new study from the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence has laid out what it says are the top 5 careers where workers are most likely to be high. Some of them might be surprising, and some of them may not be. Here’s the list, from 5 to 1.


5. Installation and maintenance workers

4. Sales people

3. Entertainers, Sports, Media, and Communications

2. Construction workers

1. Service Industry workers


Some of those make sense, right? The top one is not unexpected at all — if you live in a legal state, you may have seen some bleary eyes behind the counter at a fast food place or cleaning up at the bar, and who could blame them? The second place job is a little scary — while it’s true that cannabis might provide a little relief in the daily drudgery on a construction site, that’s also a career where safety and focus is extremely important sometimes, both for the workers and for the people who are going to use the buildings they’re building. Hopefully most of that use is off-hours, rather than on the site itself.


And number 3 probably isn’t too much of a surprise — technically, we’re in that group (this post is entertaining, right?), and we can confirm that cannabis helps not only for post-job relaxation, but also for creativity and insight. And these industries aren’t alone — other research says that over 16% of workers in America have been high at work, and over a quarter of those are high every day they clock in.


We’re probably not headed to a point where cannabis is common on most jobs, and even on some of these jobs, it’s probably not very welcome by the management. But if someone who’s just trying to make ends meet needs a little bud to make it through what would otherwise be a mind-numbingly boring day, well, as long as they keep it safe, we can’t really judge them for that.




Originally Published by theelegantstoner.com

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